Embed dashboard in the editor

Is it possible to have a node that displays the dashboard in the editor

.....runs away quickly and hides :slight_smile:

I currently use a Windows app called Deskpins so that I can use the dashboard and watch what's happening in the editor but its a bit of a clunky way ways to do things so I'm wondering if some sort of iframe type node thingy would be possible?

If only I had an operating system that allowed me to arrange two windows side by side ...


Actually - if you use the Vivaldi browser you can add dashboard as a "web panel" - which makes opening and closing it side by side real easy.



Fanstastic find - but I can't work out how to close it
[edit] found it at bottom left [/edit]

for me just clicking it again toggles it in and out, and in prefs you can set web panels to default to the right if you wish ...

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I can now think about replacing my pool temp bar chart with a dashboard one :slight_smile:

Looks cool for some reason, but could somebody explain (in dummy language) how it works? I assume it is only available in that Vivaldi?

Well, any browser could implement split-screen which is what that is :slight_smile:

It is just that many don't bother. I think that you can get browser extensions to do this on some other browsers too (FireFox at least I seem to remember).

There are also tools to do the same at a window level. Indeed it is dead simple to have two browser windows side-by-side.

Of course, sensible people invest in multiple monitors as well :heart_eyes:

I use 2 external monitors with my laptop monitor both in my work and home offices. I would use more if I could! 6 would be a nice number or 2 ultra-widescreen curved 32" maybe :star_struck: