Auto-Login System

Hello, I have my monitoring system of three types of sensors that are generating dashboards every 10 seconds, and this system is running on a Raspberry Pi 3 and it is accessed in two ways, through a 10 "display and in At other times of the day a user accesses this same system from their notebook.

I am trying to implement a login system using as an example the article suggested in this post

However, I also have a need to implement an auto-login, where the 10 "display automatically access this system, ie when the RPi starts is auto-login and when the user using your notebook is asked username and password to access it. I'm wondering how I could implement this. Any suggestions on how you could do this?

Please elaborate about your problem, is this about node-red-dashboard ?
There is no user management available. For dashboards with security (no auto-login however) I would recommend Grafana.

You can have guest logins or public extracts in Grafana (I forget what they call them).

Or you could build something custom using uibuilder.