Auto-Name Debug Node with some serialization, with an option to override the name

When a debug node is drawn to the editor panel, it should automatically give a unique name to the Debug node like Debug 1, Debug 2, Debug 3, etc. instead of msg.payload for every debug node. (Similar to excel creating different worksheets with sheet1, sheet2 etc). if the user wants, he will rename the debug node to whatever he likes.

This is quite a good idea. It is true that having lots of debug nodes with the default msg.payload label doesn't really help matters.

The missing part at the moment is we don't have a way to set a node's property dynamically when it is added to the workspace - it can only be set to the hardcoded default value. So we would need to introduce a way of doing that in the core.

I'll add this to the backlog and we can take a proper look at it for 2.2.


I'd like that for other purposes as well :grinning:

It would fix my knotty problem when copy/pasting uibuilder nodes since the url needs to be unique and it would be nice to enforce this.

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