FR: Use default node name for debug when name not specified

Rather than displaying the node ID in the list of debug messages, when a node does not have a name specified, default to using the node type as shown in the main routing window.

For example, the node name is Read File, so this should be shown in the debug message list instead of node: 3342ca1cd3ad053f.

What if there are many such nodes ? then there will be more than one read file nodes in debug. am i wrong ?

Yes, that is correct @smanjunath211, you would need to mouse-over the debug message to know which read file node was which... however, at least you would know it was a read file node, because at the moment you would see 3342ca1cd3ad053f. :slight_smile:

This is also why I suggested adding some colour-coding to part of the message, but even without it, I think showing the node name would be an improvement.

If we were to change the debug to show the default node name you would then have no idea which of the nodes created the message. Often we have to copy the ID and use it in the search box.

In fairness I believe the correct answer is to name your nodes :slight_smile:

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I had raised a feature request some time ago to Auto serialise (if that's a word) the debug nodes as soon as they are dragged on the editor tabs, so that if we need to , we can name them, else still by default they will have unique names. the same can be applied to other nodes as well i suppose. ?

Hey Steve.
Honestly, when I see node:3342ca1cd3ad053f I have equally no idea which node created the message without hovering over the message, so we're in no worse a position if that message field is populated with the node type when node name is blank. :slight_smile:

True! But how many times have you quickly put together a flow to test something? Doesn't make sense to go through an label every node in those instances.

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