Debug node name is not displayed in debug sidebar if debug node is used in a subflow even it is named correctly

I am using 1.0.0.
I found that if I put a debug node inside a subflow with a name, the node name is not displayed in the debug sidebar, instead nodeid is displayed.

I am not using 1.0.0 yet.

But doing a quick search, I can't see/find where it says it does support debug nodes.

But if you are saying you are seeing debug output, I'm sorry: I can't help.
I was only wanting to say I can't find where it says it supports debug output.

I beleive that is because the subflow can be used in many flows so a unique ID is given to each occurrence. If it only displayed the name of the debug node, how would you tell which occurance it was refering to?

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While I agree and understand, what's the harm in displaying ""? Or even "name" so long as clicking the id takes you to the correct instance? :thinking: