Node id from within a subflow

The debug window shows the id of the debug node that produced the output, except when it's inside a subflow. In this case it shows the id of the subflow instance (the calling node).

Within a function node, returns the id of the node. If the function is inside a subflow, it would be useful to be able to return the id of the calling node. Along the lines of, where parent was only non-null for subflows. Logically it would also extend to for subflows within subflows. Note that this is different to using the $parent context, which is at the flow level.

My use case is for logging within a subflow that is used in multiple flows, to know which node called the subflow. I have many flows and each calls the subflow many times, so using $ doesn't give me enough information and $ doesn't exist (and would logically be the flow id anyway).

Although it adds boilerplate, you could add the needed source information to the msg before entering the subflow as a workaround. Or alternatively add a field to the subflow instance containing the source. Both of these workarounds would need manual maintenance so not ideal of course.