Auto start node-red on boot using termux on Android 10

Hi guys,

I want to run a node-red flow in Kiosk mode on my tablet (android 10) and for that I need to run node-red on boot. I tried termux:boot already, I did all the steps required but without success.

If anyone knows how to solve this issue I'll be appreciated.

Is the android 10 device rooted, if so you can use shell commands, using automate app to type node-red in the termux command window and send return, Automate can trigger on system reboot.

Hi, thanks for your repply.

I did those steps with termux:boot and after with tasker and termux:tasker, but when device boots nothing happens.

But my device is not rooted do you think that´s the problem?

I have it working on an android 8 device, no turmux boot. I just use Automate to start termux, then send shell command to type node-red and send enter. Yes the device has to be rooted.

Ok. Let me check if I understand. You boot termux and execute a shell command to start node-red and you did all those tasks with Automate.

To do those tasks, the device must be rooted. Correct?

Thanks for your help

Yes, and it been running for over a year no issues. I can even remote reboot the device. via cloud messaging.

Thank you very much for your help :+1:

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