Automatically wire a vertical selection set of outputs

A feature of some DSP software is the ability to select a vertical group of outputs on a DSP object, drag the group onto a set of inputs of another dsp object's inputs (the inverse can also be true), and the DSP software 'wires' the complete set automatically with a single operation.

Though I understand nodes are limited to a single input, I present the case for example, where the outputs of a switch node need to be wired to the inputs of a stack of link out nodes.

The suggested workflow:

  • User draws a selection box around the desired outputs of the switch node
  • The selected outputs highlight.
  • User 'drags' the selection onto the input of the very top most link out node of the stack.
  • While the mouse button is being held down during the drag, for each of the selected switch node outputs, NR attempts to locate the next link out node below the Y coordinate of the node under the mouse pointer that also matches the same X coordinate, and displays a temporary wired view of the connection. The user then sees a complete, temporary dashline view of the NR-suggested one-to-one wiring for all of the switch outputs as long as the mouse button is held down over an input. If the mouse pointer is subsequently dragged off of the target node, the temporary suggested solution disappears until the mouse pointer is dragged back onto a node input and another valid solution can be determined.
  • When the user is satisfied that the suggested wiring is acceptable, the button is released, and the entire solution is wired permanent.
  • The user can reject the suggested solution and cancel the operation at any time merely by dragging the mouse pointer off of the target node and releasing the mouse button when the NR-suggested solution subsequently disappears.

Perhaps some user configuration fields would (1) provide the ability to select whether the target nodes must all be of the same type, and (2) to account for target nodes that may not be perfectly aligned vertically, i.e. by providing a means to adjust the 'capture' window of matching X coordinates.

You can already do something like this.
Select some nodes, right click, "Show Action List", "Wire node to multiple".
The editor will wire them up like this:
Untitled 1


I didn't know, appreciate the tip.

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