Shortcut to assign multiple nodes inputs to single output


is there a fast way to connect single node output to multiple node inputs?

I would like for a right side to look the same as left without assigning one by one

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Select the 'source' node, then select all of the nodes you want to wire it to (hold shift to add to selection)

Then open the action menu (from the main drop-down menu, or Ctrl-Shift-P) and search for wire node to multiple and select it.

That should do what you are looking for.

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Works like a charm. Also it was mentioned in :smiley:

Also strange default shortcut for Ctrl-Shift-P because in most cases it call for private tab in browser

This is a common shortcut in developer environments (VS Code, Atom, Action Monkey, Cuda text etc) for showing the "Action List" (also known as "Command Palette")

Things get a little more discoverable in V3 (currently in beta) where access to the Action List is offered in a context menu...


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