Shortcut for connecting nodes?


maybe a stupid question, but I didn't find anything on the net:

Is there a shortcut for connecting nodes?
E.g. I have a trigger that I want to connect to 10 other nodes.
Right now, I would have to click the trigger output and drag it to the input of a node - and repeat that 10 times.
Is there any shortcut that enabled me to just select the trigger, hold a button and then click another node to create the connection? (Instead of dragging the input to each output)


I had to click the trigger output and drag it to each individual node

No, there isn't a shortcut for this.. but there ought to be.

One way to speed to it slightly is to press and hold ctrl then you can click on the output and click on the node (any part, not just the input port) to wiring it to - saves dragging and having to hit the port.

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Indeed, nice tip!

Would you know if there is a feature request for this?
If not, could we create one? :smiley:

I've added it to the backlog: Trello

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Amazing! Thank you so very much :slight_smile:

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