Snap on function for node red?

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I believe there is a snap on function for connecting nodes but I am totally clueless as to how to do it?

Does anyone know how to have nodes snap on connect together rather than spending ages dragging lines from one node to the other?

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Sorry - no
You can drop a new node onto the line connecting two existing nodes and it will "snap" into place so that saves you some time :slight_smile:

Ah bugger, I honestly thought there was a way! Thanks anyhow

You could start off with one long line between and inject and a debug and then drop all the others onto it :slight_smile:

one at a time :slight_smile:

You can speed up flow writing by holding control when you use the quick input...


  • hold ctrl when you click in editor
  • use keyboard to filter/select the desired node
  • hold ctrl when you press enter

Awesome! I didn't know that, it's great! :+1:

To add to what @Steve-Mcl said, if you press and hold Ctrl you can click on node ports to wiring them together with out having to drag.

is there also a quick way to disable enable nodes as well?

If you open the keyboard shortcut dialog (from the main menu, or hit ?) you can assign your own keyboard shortcuts to Disable Selected Nodes and Enable Selected Nodes

Additional to what Nick said, this (and many other operations) can be operated by using ctrl + shift + p


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