How disable "auto wrap" of nodes

Hi, my flow is huge, every time I add something Node Red wrongly wrap the node in the middle of existing connection. I can't undone so I?ve to check which wires to rebuild later the connection, very annoying.
Can I disable this function? Thank you

I'm pretty sure 1 or 2 CTRL+Z will undo that. Give it a try.

I'm not clear what you mean by "auto wrap".

The only thing I can think of is where, if you drop a node onto the middle of a wire we connect the node to that wire. Is that what you are referring to?

If not, can you describe in more detail what you mean?

Might be time to split it into across several tabs and use link nodes to interconnect them

Hi, thank everybody for help! Yes is this, unfortunately it happens even if I place the new node far from others.. something is wrong and need to be fixed in my opinion (I'm using 1.3.4), but I've never considered this feature useful, there is a way to turn it off?

PS: yes ctrl+z works and helps a lot, thanks, I was thinking there is not undone function and I'm happy there is ))

Do you mean that if you drop a node onto the flow, not over the top of any wires, that it somehow joins it into the flow? If so you you take a screenshot before you place a node and again after so we can see what has happened?

As for fixing it, the first thing is to work out why it is happening to you and no-one else, if I have correctly described the problem you are seeing.

I've made a video:

Thanks for the video - definitely something going wrong there.

Two questions:

  1. what version of Node-RED are you using?

  2. do you have the workspace zoomed out?

latest 1.3.4, on Pi3, yes zoomed out, maybe with normal zoom it doesn't happen.
Anyway, if I can say, I care more to introduce a way to disable auto wrap if possibile, thank you a lot!

If I zoom out a long way then I am getting the same issue. Also on 1.3.4.

@GiovanniG you really should look at refactoring your flow. If you split it up into multiple tabs so that each tab deals with an area of logic then you will find it much more easy to understand what is going on and to maintain it.

sure I'll try.
Please consider also to leave the chance to disable it, thank you a lot

from what your video shows it seems to be connecting itself as if the image was not zoomed - so we need to investigate the targeting of the splicing . If done correctly it should not need to be disabled when you drop it where you are showing.

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