Can't drop node between two other nodes...reproducable


macOS 10.13.6
Node-red v0.19.5
node.js v10.15.1

  1. got to settings and turn on Show grid and Snap to grid
  2. add an inject and debug node - separate them by a bit (so anotehr node can fit between them)
  3. connect the two nodes together
  4. add a function node to the editor screen
  5. select both the inject and debug node and using the keyboard move them down halfway between two lines.
  6. select the function node and try to position it on the line between the two nodes

While you can get the line to go dashed you can not connect the node on the line dash-not-working



I have also seen instances where it will not drop in, but I haven't worked out what is the trigger.



What sort of chaotic evil are you to enable snap to grid and then place the nodes half-way between the grid? Madness :see_no_evil:

What size grid have you got? I'm not able to reproduce this with the default 20-pixel grid size. From a code perspective, if the wire is dashed when you release the node, it will get joined; I can't immediately see a case where we know to dash the wire but don't know to join it.

I can see a case where, if the grid size is sufficiently large (for example 30-pixels), if the node is at the mid-point then you simply can't get the node close enough to the wire to enable the dash. In that case you can press shift to disable the snap-to-grid whilst dragging - which is reasonable.



Arugh, last night it was happening and I reproduced it and this morning I can't reproduce it anymore...sigh....



When I had it I could not persuade the line to go dotted, and I can now replicate it reasonably easily, but only on Firefox, it is ok on Chrome. There is a possibly related issue on firefox, that if the line is horizontal there is a very small window of opportunity to find the right spot.
To replicate the inability to persuade the line to go dotted then, on Firefox start with a Debug node on the end of a short horizontal line. Pull the debug node right a couple of inches then drop it and then drag a function node out of the palette and try to drop it on the wire. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, and sometimes it does but the line goes dotted with the function node in a slightly different vertical position. If you drop the function node on the canvas and then pick it up again then it usually will drop in ok.

Node-RED version: v0.19.5
Node.js version: v10.15.1
On Ubuntu.



Anyone else able to replicate this using my technique?