Editor zoomed in or out, cannot drag a node into existing wire

If you drag a node over a wire, the wire changes to dashes. Dropping the node inserts it into the wire.

However if the editor page is zoomed in or out by 1 click (buttons at bottom right of editor), the wire never changes to dashes and you can't drop the node into it.

Seen with FIrefox 112 on WIndows 11

What version of Node-RED?

On W11 with Edge and the latest beta, it is working.

Can you open your browser's dev tools and look at the console to see if an error occurs as you do the drag over?

This is on 3.1.0-beta2.
Looking at a Node-red installation on a different Pi, 3.0.2 seems to be working OK

"dev tools" - if this is the same as Right click, "Inspect (Q)", nothing shows up on the Console tab when I drag the node over the wire either zoomed or full size.

I just checked and I also see this same issue in FF 112 on NR 3.02

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