🎉 Node-RED 2.1.3 released

Node-RED 2.1.3 is now available.

This should tidy up the last of the TypedInput issues as well as a couple other fixes along the way:


Can not drop node on wires when snap to grid is on and wires are straight. It works it the wire is bent,

With snap to grid off, the snap will show up when wire is straight but only at the top fourth of the node.

@zenofmud what browser is this with? Is the workspace zoomed in or out at all?

I was just about to add that into
MacOS v 12.0.1
Safari v15.1

works fine in Chrome (v95.0.4638.54) and works in Firefox (c93.0) with a twist

In FireFox it works with snap to grid, but when snap to grid is off, it only works when the line is exactly in the middle of the node.

When editing a JSON element in the Visual Editor in the inject node the text is too far to the right so the word 'Object' is hidden under the vertical grey used to show adding & expanding dropdowns.

Hope that makes sense.

Browser: Edge Version 95.0.1020.30 (Official build) (64-bit)

If something is evidently wrong with a core feature of the editor, please raise an issue so it can be investigated.

Done. First issue raised so I hope it is OK

Hi Nick,

Thanks again for your work!!

Noticed that this:


was hidden by the scroll bar when editing a function node...


Many thanks

works nice, but admittedly, I'm scared to move nodejs beyond v12 becuase I depend on the comm/i2c stuff so much.

Hello @knolleary

I noticed a small visual bug when using the Information tab in the Editor.

Test case:
Lets say you have 5 active flows and use the eye icon to hide 4 of them,
then click on any hidden Flow circle icon to also disable it.
the flow that was unhidden gets 'visually' disabled instead.
Its still active just something with the css styling i guess.

Tested with Firefox and Chrome

Please raise issues on github so they can be tracked

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