Imported flow being "cut"

Hello everyone,

I am experiencing what I think could be a weird bug.

This is a screenshot from the main server node: here you can see the flow (which was imported from my node, since I don't do develop directly on the server) being cut. I can't access the nodes underneath anyhow, but they are still working as if they were there.

This is, of course, quite annoying. What could be the cause? Is there a way to fix this?

Thanks in advance for any help.

What is the version of node-red on the 2 instances?

The canvas size was recently increased from 5000x5000 to 8000x8000.

If you have nodes up at the top of the screen too, you can select them and move them further down nearer to the new nodes.

Then ctrl A to select all of them and drag them all further up the editor canvas.

And if you make a mess, either ctrl Z or just reloading the page to undo it.

That could be the problem! the server node-red version must be a bit older. How can I update it? Could it be dangerous for the current running flows?