Nodes squashed in upper left corner


I have several nodes that I can't see because they're squashed in the upper left section in node red. Can anybody assist please?


which version of NodeRED are you running ?
do you know how they came to be there ? - import ? cut/paste ?


Thanks for the reply

V 1.0.3


If I copy the nodes I can see and export. Then create a new flow tab and import all the nodes squash up into corner.

Can you share either here or via a direct message to me, the flow you imported? Need to inspect it to see what has caused this issue.

Hi Nick,

I've narrowed it down to an exec node which performs a reboot to a separate rpi. If i copy the exec node and the debug node it squashes to the corner. However, if I just copy the exec node it doesn't.

I have attache the file hereflows (1).json (962 Bytes)

Hope it helps


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