Import flow - layout lost because no spacers imported

I am working on a fairly large Home Automation GUI using Node-red and Dashboard - almost 700 nodes at this point...

I tried exporting it and importing to another raspberry pi today, and after I deployed it and looked at the UI the layout is totally wrong. I am using a few transparent groups to align and space things, and unless the groups have at least one spacer they don't appear - but when it is imported none of the spacers are imported, all lost. I am also creating a menu bar at the top with buttons for navigation between tabs, and have spacers between all of the buttons and they are also not imported - no spacers are being imported.

What I did is save the Export to a .json file, then downloaded it to my desktop PC, and opened it in Notepad++, copied it and then imported it on the second pi by pasting it into the Import window. Is there something wrong with my process, or is this a bug in Node-red?

Better to use Import from File from the Import dialog. Though I don't expect that is the problem.
What version of node-red, node-red-dashboard and nodejs are you using on the second machine? If not up to date then try updating them.
You can get the versions from the startup log.

Thanks @Colin - the versions were not the same, different core and different Dashboard, same nodejs - I updated all and tried again to import from file this time - same result - none of the spacers were there at all. Here are the versions I have installed on both pi's.

Annotation 2020-05-09 195929

Don't know in that case, I think you will have to wait for another to suggest something. @dceejay?
Maybe this is relevant

Still nothing..if this is really not an issue with node red can anyone who has tested it and had success importing a flow with spacers please upload a copy of their flow for me to try?

No, it doesn't work for me either. The spacers are not exported. Perhaps this is just not possible at the moment.

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