Importing flows with 300+ dashboard nodes

I am moving my big heat management application to bullseye (finally). After I installed node-red I loaded my backup into node-red. This works ok. But then I have to click each dashboard node in oder to deploy without an error.
This is quite annoying having 300+ dashboard nodes. Is there a way to do this automatically?
Any help appreciated.

Did you install all the required nodes for your flows ?

Can you tell us what errors you get ?

Surely not!?!

If you install dashboard on new node-red then stop, simply placed the original flows.json file in .node-red folder & fired it back up.

What was your full process?

to smcgann99: yes, you are most probably right!
I installed dashboard after I imported the flows into node-red.
In mean time I have completely reinstalled my RPI and I will try it with all required nodes before copying my flows.

To Steve: I actually imported the flows from my backup and did not copy it into the folder. Does this make a difference?

Yes (and no).

When importing flows, any new properties added to a node (i.e newer dashboard capabilities) will cause some changes to your flows that could potentially cause you issues (though we (aka Dave) are very careful not to do this - but some node authors may not be so careful.

On the other hand, just placing your flows file in the runtime will permit it to load without any mangling of the JSON.

The downside is that any new properties required might not get an automatic upgrade (as it could during the web based import). Ordinarily, a well behaved node wont care and eventually (as you open each node and edit it) the new props will get added to your flow.

So, yes and no all at the same time.

Personally, I would put the flows file on the .node-red folder and see what happens. It is MOST LIKELY it will work perfectly first time (since we all try to keep things compatible)

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Many thanks!
Feedback will come tomorrow.

Hi Steve,
yes it worked but there is still 1 problem left. There are 2 spacers that are not ok. Please see picture.

how can I identify the spacers in the flows?
what happens if I delete them?

The spacer issue was a known issue for a while in older dashboard. Just delete them from the config and re-deploy from the front end.

PS: use the search facility to find invalid nodes (press the button on the deploy warning) or look in the config nodes panel on the right next to the debug panel

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