Copying dashboard TABs - is it possible?

I have designed a layout which I am repeating on my dashboards.

I have made a GUI with buttons and a layout and would like to know if there is a way rather than selecting all the nodes and copying all the nodes and re-pasting, is there a way I can select a tab and copy it?

Although the second/next copy would be nice if it was in its own tab.

But if I am copying the tab. . . . . Anyway.

So it possible?

Click on tab

I think we are talking with different meanings.

But I'll try what you say.

How knows: I may be wrong with what I think.

I just tried what I think and I can't see how to get the menus.
(Can't do screen shot because I don't get the menus)

But the tabs on which I am clicking don't seem to offer a menu.


I get that I can select all the nodes in/on a tab and export them.

But that isn't what I read as what you wrote. Though it did inspire me to that option.

Currently there is no easy and convenient way to fully export a Dashboard Tab and all of its contents.

It can be done if all of the contents of the Dashboard Tab is on one Flow tab in the editor - because you can export that whole Flow tab.

But if you have dashboard nodes spread across multiple tabs in the editor that all contribute to the one Dashboard tab, then it isn't very easy to export just the bits you need.

In 1.0 you will be able to select multiple flow tabs in the editor and export them, which will help somewhat.

I think there is a need for us to add something to the dashboard sidebar to help export tabs/groups in some fashion - particularly with the new ui_spacer nodes that don't otherwise get exported.

Thanks Nick.

Yeah, I have/am kind of working on that premise.

The "idea" is that I design a layout that is used many times on one dashboard.

There in lies a problem.

I have to make a new tab, import the flow then painfully sit there and move all the duplicate tabs to the new one.
And that needs you to be careful so the order remains the same.

The export/import part can be missed as all you do is copy the nodes and paste them.

But it still has the problem with the nodes being duplicated in the original tab.

Ok, that shall have to take a step down the list of things just now.

Hi there,

For everyone else out there, I had the same problem in the past and solved this issue by a easy way, just takes about an half of a minute.

  1. Create the source/template group and a blank target group.

  2. Design your template.

  3. Add a button (from dashboard nodes) or something else to the blank group.

  4. Mark the whole template group, export as formatted json into e.g. Visual Studio Code ( or any other app which can change all occurrences)

  5. Search the first entry "group": "a03eb8fc.c1bxf8", mark all entries and replace it with the blank group ID (can be found by the single button or item which has been added before->mark->export->find entry)

5.Import the entire flow to your Node Red Board and enjoy :wink:

I had also searched for a nice and easy way to create 10+ dashboard groups and after days of struggle it was easy to do it by this way in minutes.

Spacers wonĀ“t be taken over and needs to be added manually.

Hope this helps !




Hello @gerrul3r , you can share a YouTube video how to do what you indicate. I tried to do it, but I have not been successful, please help me to carry out your procedure.


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hello @miki31, do you still have the problem? I have been able to follow the description of @gerrul3r. I could try to help you further.

Hi all,

thx for your support @uNodem. ItĀ“s been a while and my notifications were forwarded into spam, unfortunately.

Due to IĀ“m a web-developer, IĀ“ve written my own dashboard completly from scratch. All solutions provided by dashboard-addons are not enough flexible for me, so I spent the time to write my own (NodeJS-Webserver, MQTT, Websocket and React with Redux).

But of course, I can support further on any issues.

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