Running out of room for nodes?

I have run out of room to add any more nodes in an organized manner. I am at the bottom of the grid on my tab. What do I do? If I start another tab, does that tab run simultaneously? Is there a limit to the number of tabs I can create? When I hit deploy, does it deploy all changes in all tab? Can all tabs appear on the same dashboard?

Have a go, try it… Yes all nodes run at the same time, yes you can have dashboard nodes on different tabs.

The deploy action will depend on what deploy you have chosen, but they will act as per the definition you see when you click the arrow by the deploy button

There is even a link node that will let one flow link across to another tab

If I spread my nodes over multiple tabs, how do I select all nodes to export the entire thing to clipboard? I’ve been doing a cntrl -A and then cntrl-C to copy all nodes, then going to the clipboard and copying that into a word document to back up my work.

You have a few different options:

  • In the Export dialog, you can click the ‘all flows’ button at the top.
  • Or, open http://localhost:1880/flows in your browser and save that JSON - (assuming localhost:1880 is where you access the editor normall)
  • Or just backup the file on your local file system - Node-RED logs the name of its flow file whenever it starts up.

The third is probably the better option as you can also backup the associated credentials file at the same time - if your flow file is called flows.json then you’ll also have flows_cred.json to backup. For security reasons, Node-RED never exposes credentials back to the editor.