Working with multiple flows while deploying

I was exploring Node-red GUI editor for a dashboard application, I was checking if it possible to deploy multiple flow tabs and get the debug messages on the editor and console for each of the flow tab without using inject node.

I was not able to observe logs with two or more flow tabs

Sorry, I do not understand, what you want to achive.
Try to explain or show us flow or a screenshot of your current approach.

Sorry, I can't paste the screenshot as I was working on some project.

I just wanted to know if it is possible to deploy two or more flows( using custom nodes ) and see the debug messages on editor and as well as system console

On a high level, I was just trying to pass messages between custom nodes and printing the output through debug.
This operation is done on two or more flows, where the output message is getting combined but there is no debug messages

Do you mean two flow tabs in one node red instances? When you click Deploy it deploys the changes made in all flow tabs, not just the one being viewed.

Yes two flow tabs in one node red instance opened in single tab of a browser
Yes when deployed is clicked, all changes made in all flow tabs are deployed and that causes no output at the debug window

Deploy does not normally cause output in the debug pane.

Is there a way to get the output at debug pane with two or more flows for a single node red instance on single browser tab for custom nodes

It is not clear what you mean. Please give more detail of what you are trying to do.

Basically, I have two flows opened on a single browser tab, each of the flows is described below

  • Flow is made up of custom nodes where each node adds a field to the incoming message and send to next node and finally message is printed using debug node

The second flow is exactly similar where it will add different set of values to message at each node and printed using debug node

When I was testing with only one flow, I was able to see debug logs at the sidebar, but when I opened another flow as described above, I was not able to see the debug logs at the sidebar

If you add an inject node feeding straight into the debug node that is not working does it output when you click the inject?

Using inject node into debug works with multiple flows , but I would like to know if it was possible to get the flow working without inject node

In that case the problem is that you are not sending a message to the inject node. Add some debug to your custom node to find out why it is not sending a message.

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