Duplicating dashboard nodes to new tab


Looking for a simple way to duplicate dashboard nodes to a new tab. Currently, if I duplicate the nodes it just adds them into the same tab meaning I need to change each one individually - this will become very time consuming as the project scales. Is there a potential way to duplicate the dashboard nodes to a new tab each time?

I cannot seem to find anyone else looking for a scalable dashboard as I have been looking for a solution to this issue for a few days now without any luck. Hopefully, someone here can help.




You can use the sidebar dashboard tab to move things arround, you should explore it and maybe that will help.



Thanks for the reply. This does make it easier, however once i move it once, any time I paste another set of nodes in they go in the new tab which then muddles it up and I have to do each node individually again.



I managed to find a solution to this. By exporting the nodes I wanted to duplicate into notepad++ I then used a find and replace to change the Tab and Group ID's to "Default Tab" and "Default Group". I then imported the nodes from this edited file and this adds a new tab and its respective groups each time I import.



Yeah, because each dashboard node s seperately configured. I was going to suggest you try exporting the entire tab and reimporting it, but even there you will have to define the dashboard area because the new one doesn't exist yet.

There is a way I can think of that it might work and you would have to experiment with this. You would export the tab/flow and then edit the json changing the ui_group and ui_tab entries. You will have to experiment because there is a great chance this will mess things up so do it on a test site.

Let us know how it works.