Update Dashboard + Flow update on another machine


We are using V 0.18.7
Here is the situation.

  1. We have a NodeRed Flow + Dashboard running on a RPi ( Unit A)at Location A

  2. Unit A requires the Flow + Dashboard to be "updated"

  3. We have create a new Flow + Dashboard on machin at Location B.

  4. We know that the Flows can be "imported" onto Unit A.
    However, the DASHBoard on Unit A is a different story.

Is there a way to "clone" the Flow + Dashboard ( unitA) with the newer Flow + Dashboard.


Why can you not import the dashboard nodes?


Hi Colin,
Thank you.

  1. On Unit A. We did a import flow from clipboard ( pasting in the new updated flow)
    The problem is the Dashboard is not looking correct. Buttons, not located at right locations and etc.
    I think it is because in the Dashboard the Group names have duplicates names.

We even 'deleted' the old dashboard ( on Unit A) prior to doing the import.

Is there a way 'clone' in the flow and dashboard ?

I must be missing something.