How to copy a group on a dashboard

Say I have a group with many things in it that works.

I want to duplicate it. Given some things change.

Can I select that group and copy it?

Works for me. Click once on the group outline or any node within it and Copy/Paste


But then you have to move all the nodes to the new group when done.

Here I have 2 groups for Arlec.... (Power point/outlet)

I want to get a third one.

So I want to copy all those nodes to a new set....

Screenshot from 2021-07-19 20-44-23

So I select one of the existing 2, and copy it to a new group.

I don't understand. If I copy a group to the same tab or a new one, the group and all the nodes within it are copied.

Yeah, the group is a neat trick. I just realised that now. Thanks.

But I copy the group (that kind of group) and then I have to do to the new group and edit all the dashboard nodes and change their names.

I meant the dashboard group, rather than the node type.

So I select the group in the dashboard view (as shown in the screen shot) and copy the nodes that way.

In retrospect it would be difficult to do as NR wouldn't know which nodes to copy.

Sorry. Thanks for the suggestion about grouping the nodes. That's how I am doing it.

I didn't see the key word "dashboard" so misunderstood. Sorry about that. Glad you've resolved it despite my help!

I thought the title covered it.

No problems.

I am very good at not wording questions correctly.

I may even have a near monopoly on doing that. :wink: Again: thanks. Your trick is actually quite good.
Just the leg work of moving all the GUI nodes to the new group name.
But not the end of the world.
All good now.

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