Dashboard export/import groups/tabs


I'm having to manually export flows from one instance of node-red to another. Works great except for the dashboard ui groups and tabs. Where are they stored? Can they be copied somehow or must the groups and tabs be re-created manually.



Can you just copy the entire flows_xxx.json (and flows_xxx_cred.json if required) over to the new machine? Of course, you would need to either change the "xxx" hostname part of the filename to match, or uncomment the flowFile: line in your settings.js file.


I am having same quesiton with exporting Flow and Dashboard from one instance of node-red to another.
Flows- works ok
Dashboard UI groups - not getting consistent result. Was trying to avoid manually recreating all the dashboard Groups and reassigning widgets .

Any suggestions?


The theme is held in the base node which being a config node is not held in the visible flow - so to export it you must select the All flows option - then when you import you will get the base configuration node back with the current theme in.