Dashboard - Tab and Group 'import'


Is there a way to 'import' the DASHBOARD TAB AND GROUP settings from Project 1 to Project 2?
Here is the situation to clarify:

  1. User has a RPi with NodeRED and Dashboard . Lets call this Project 1.
    It is working. But user request some modification ( both to the flows and also the Dashboard UI)

  2. We modify the Flows , Dashboard( tabs and group settings) per user request.

  3. We want to import in the flows , Dashboard ( tabs, group settings) back onto Project 1.

  • Flows- we can import in ok
    -Dashboard Tabs get imported in. But the Group settings do not get imported in.

Is there a smooth way to import in the DASHBOARD ( tabs and group settings) into an existing project?
So then entire project gets 'updated'