How to maintain dashboard layout on import?

I'm trying to copy my flow 12 times, but each time I export and then import, the dashboard layout gets destroyed. What can I do to keep this from happening every time I import?



I'm not sure, but thought it was a bug in one of the previuos versions.
What version NR and dashboard are you using?

Node Red is v1.3.5, Dashboard is v2.29.3

It seems like there is no solution for this which is blowing my mind a little. Its such a pain in the ass and I feel like a fairly common thing. Why would the spacers not be included in the flow like the rest of the layout such that they can be exported and imported without destroying the layout?

Please for the love of node red make this change in the next version! I have yet to find anyway to consistently make this work. I exported the entire flow plus global objects, then create a new tab and group and replace the old IDs with the new IDs and this seems to work sporadically. 5/10 imports I did successfully maintained the layout.

When you export ensure you select all flows

so that it includes all global config nodes which include the spacers.


As I said before, I exported all flows including the globals. The process is pretty horrible. I can't believe that this hasn't been resolved yet. It should not be this painful to copy tabs.

ah well - I look forward to the fix being contributed.

For anyone trying to do this, #$%^ the spacers. Replace all your spacers with blank text ui nodes and they will import properly.

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This may even be the best solution if you are in situation where you have to export / import the flows often and in whole piece.


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I have added a fix to dashboard to assign spacers to the tab so they will get exported per tab (as well as with whole flow) - but it also requires a fix to core so will be part of v2 as and when.


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