[req] Connector Node needed

After 2 month of NR learning, I still don't know / understand:

  • How to place a tiny "nothing-doing-connector" on a flow between 2 existing nodes?
  • Why is there nothing like that on the palette by default? (Only "In" and "Out" separately.)

There are many circumstances, where this kind of "in/out-helper" would save lot's of time while reconstructing a flow. If this would be a built-in feature, it would also run faster.

[Enh.] Later maybe an "auto-dissolve/rearrange" function could be implemented so that the connections from/to it would be automatically reordered, if someone deleting it.
Could ask with a popup: [delete / reconnect] all lines?

Put it on the default palette?
  • YES! I would use it too.
  • No need. Beginners should learn it, how to create it.
  • Only, if auto-dissolve function is implemented too.

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It hasn't been added because it can be so easily created by either dropping a Function node or a Change node with its default rule removed.

The ability to delete a node and have the wires rejoin (ie, the reverse of splicing a node onto a wire) is on the backlog.


Where is this "backlog"? What does it mean? (Under development?)

  • Also, at least a help / video would have helped me a lot to create one of these...

Don't get me wrong, I'm writing all these things down to show what problems I face during "first steps", so these things can maybe prevented for others in the future ...

There's the Trello whiteboard and the designs wiki which both provide some information on planned features.


We all want more - but someone has to do them :wink:

Annoyingly, neither Nick nor Dave have yet written a flow (or a node) that will automatically generate a help/tutorial video when we put in "Argh, I don't understand!". Come on chaps, pull yer socks up. :rofl:

Sorry, not getting at you. Just a reminder to us all that we can all participate by writing or videoing.


Are you looking for a node that serves no other function other than to organize your flow wires?


If that's the case, check out node-red-contrib-noop.

If I misunderstood, then you can ignore me. :grinning:


My favourite is, as Nick has indicated, to use a change node with no changes defined.

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no-op is great! Thanks :slight_smile:

  • proper color :white_check_mark:
  • proper icon :white_check_mark:
  • Although it's not so nice tiny as the one at my orig. post. :x:
    (Have to uncheck "Show label" manually each time, can not make that default.)
  • Also, I can not share a flow publicly if having a special component on it. :x:

Change log has different color, and special icon. So it could be misleading, or needs manual work to customise.

Still, as I stated, it's not very productive, if many newbies has to face the same problem:

  • can not find this node on the palette by default.

The name could be "connector", listed after "link in" and "link out".

Once you have 1 in a flow, you can just copy/paste others.


Previously I've used a 'function node' that does nothing.

An alternative that I'm liking more / using more frequently is to create a subflow, set the colors & properties I like, then move it into the preferred 'Category'.

Subflows can be arranged in your preferred sequence (in the left-nav menu) which lets me arrange the UI for maximum efficiency.



The function node has the disadvantage that every call is executed in a VM, which introduces an overhead, even if it just returns the message. So I'd go for the "empty change node with hidden label" approach.

The subflow idea is really nice though as you can manage the appearance (color and icon) in one place on the subflow template, and it reflects that on all instances in one go. :+1:

Unfortunately, the "hide/show label" feature doesn't work/persist at the template level. So you can only change it at the instance directly. Just tried it with NR 1.2.6, a little bug maybe? :thinking:

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