[SUGGESTION] a node "ring that brings them all together 🧙"

I am often embarrassed with the quantity of thread that I have to pull to unite several knots between them.
Therefore, I suggest a knot that lets all kinds of messages pass. I know that we can do it with a Function node which return msg, but it is more practical to have it compact and without any parameters.

Hi @SuperNinja

this has come up a few times. We have always pushed back because its so easy to create such a node straight from the default palette.

My usual solution is a Change node with its default rule removed. And you can hide the label from the appearance tab of the editor.


What about this?

I note, thank you

I will be satisfied with this tip :wink:

Just checked my flows, to see if I can beautify them with the hints.
Found that I'm using the link nodes to get rid of too many lines.
Or sometimes I send the messages to the MQTT broker, if I think this is general useful information in the data tree and subscribed at various other places.
But I see your point.

That is really 'one node that rules them all'... Thanks for sharing. I have a few places for that...

I cant tell if you are joking or not? :smiley:

You know you can just use a build in node e.g. a change node (remove its entry) or a function node with return msg in it?


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well I was having fun... with the LoTR reference...

However, I will admit I didn't know about applying a change node in this manner. thanks for the tip.

That said... I like the NOOP node... upon looking at it I will know automatically that there is nothing hidden inside of it....

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