Cleaning up flow connections?

I am looking for a node or method to clean up the wiring between nodes

I have a huge flow wich contains multiple sensors and functions. There are wires between nodes that obstructs the visual simplicity of following the flows in node red.

I isolated the situation and simplified it a bit to show what I am looking for. There are many more wires in the real flow and many, many more nodes but this would make the example vague if i would share the real flow.

This image had the comment "area full of nodes" the wires are annoying me and changing the node layout would not change the situation

My idea is this:

The question is,

Is there a node for the "hypothetical splitter" in picture 2? it does not need to have a function but to let the wires between nodes split.

edit: the area next to sensor 1 and above sensor 1 are full of nodes. If i were to drag that node more down would create the same visual obstruction as shown in picture 1.

Looks pretty clean to me :-). But look at the link nodes. Or you can use an empty function node to gather wires

it only looks clean because i isolated the problem, there are about 60 nodes in the real flow :slight_smile:

You could add a change node with no rules,

Or as you seem to have lots of repeated nodes look at combining them into one flow.

Interesting. Does the change node work when two inputs in the change node have different info?

The change node will pass what ever is inputted.

I find the wires visually too dominant in a complex flow so I make them thinner with CSS.
This is

.red-ui-flow-link-line {
        stroke-width: 1;
        stroke: #87ceeb; 

Untitled 7

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That is very usefull, Thank you.

But my mind needs to follow the wires to understand what i am doing. So a mess of wires with thinner lines might not contribute to the reduction of my headaches :wink:

Might use this later!

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