BACnet data read, write, release from Node Red via Rest


I made a rest interface with Python and Flask to take advantage of the Python based BACnet stacks. The Python based BACnet stacks are well supported and used in industry, versus I think the javascript BACnet stacks are not well supported/maintained and do not support MSTP type BACnet networks.

See this git repo for anyone interested in testing this. At the moment I have only tested the Flask rest interface with insomnia. Im still learning to code :yum: My background is a field technician for building automation that started out with Python, now learning javascript. Any questions about BACnet systems or HVAC feel free to reach out I have a lot of experience in PLC programming for HVAC; maybe you could give me a tip or two on Node Red :slight_smile:

The idea for this app (I need input from this community) is run along side of Node Red, assuming Node Red can make localhost rest api calls to the Flask App. The way that the Flask App is written the rest interface isnt available from outside of localhost. This app also runs on the same LAN inside the building as the BACnet building automation system.

If you are troubleshooting BACnet systems, I would also recommend this BACnet scanning tool to verify the devices are read/writeable, etc...

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