BACnet MSTP read request


Brand new to node red, looks cool :slight_smile:

Could someone give me a tip on how to make a BACnet read request of a BACnet MSTP controller temp sensor?

BACnet device 201201 on MSTP network 12345 controller hardware address 2.

Ultimately I am hoping to understand the work flow on how to make continuous BACnet read requests @ 60 second intervals to the temp sensor. (maybe eventually save the data to SQL)

I did this command highlighted yellow to install contrib-bacnet

But how do I pull these blue colored blocks from the pallete?


Welcome to the forum @bbartling.

I suggest you start by watching the Node red Essentials videos. An hour or so watching those will give you a great introduction into what node-red is all about.

So I am trying to configure how to read an MSTP device with no luck AND no documentation that I can see.

Trying to configure how to read analog input 2 present value

Of device 201201 BACnet instance ID

How would I configure to perform a BACnet read through an MSTP router?



hello, where is node-red and where is BACnet Discovery Tool ?
Same machine ?

Yes same machine but when I run the BACnet discovery tool I have to kill the node-red.

The author of the node-red-bacnet-contrib finally got back to me saying that at the time MSTP isnt supported which is a bummer.

I would highly recommend going this route, its a wrapper code around Python bacpypes super easy to use and the author is real friendly on helping you get started.

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Ok so now that I know the node BACnet stack cannot be used for MSTP BACnet networks (2-wire communication) I am experimenting with the Python BAC0 stack which is pretty cool btw, executing the Python script from node-red flow works. But how do I get the data back into Node Red work flow? I have a stackoverflow post on this, any advice? Also worth mentioning when I installed node-red it automatically installed Python 3.9 and I had to install the BAC0 bacnet package pip install BAC0 in order to get it to work successfully thru node-red...

We don’t install python so something else put that there. But no matter. Fir single calls out you can use the exec node and get a response. For long running processes the look at the node-red-node-daemon node that will start an app. Wait for responses but can also be sent new commands etc.

Hi would there be any chance you could send a link for a single cell example that I could follow? Super beginner here :slight_smile:

Sorry I know nothing about haven’t or the program you are using to drive it. It will be simpler to try and then show and ask when you get stuck

For what it is worth getting around the node-bacstack not supporting BACnet MSTP devices. I created a Python rest api app. See link for Git Gist. Basically the idea (that I have to learn next) on the node red side would be to make http requests to the Python bacnet app to get the bacnet data into node red. (Python Flask http app) would run along side node-red hoping to do testing soon :slight_smile:

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