Bar chart fill property


Is it possible to display only a line with the actual value when using a bar chart, instead of filling it ?
If yes, is it possible to put 2 different values in the same bar chart, both displayed as a line (eventually with different colors) ? I would like to use a bar chart to display the min and the max value of some MQTT value.


No that is not possible with the existing chart


I do the equivalent by using a line chart with two lines. One for min and one for max.


@Colin: How exactly did you achieved that ? The line chart has normally the time on the Y-axis. Could you please post some samples here?


Sorry, I assumed you were plotting against time. If not then I don't know.


Thanks anyway.
Does the line chart allow to set the content by passing a list of (x , y) pairs ?
If yes, is it possible in this case to replace the time on the x-axis (I wrongly wrote the Y-axis above) with some other values ?


Perhaps you could share a picture that shows the kind of bar chart you are trying to get ?

Even if the standard dashboard chart node is somehow simple it is quite flexible. You can import the example flow from this link to see how many possibilities you have when using the node.


See for how to send x and y. But. You can only have one x value per y so you need to plot two very close together but not exactly the same value.


@Andrei, @dceejay : Thanks for your suggestions.

The effect I am looking for is something like a bar chart, with the bar moving up and down. I mean where the lower part of the bar chart can be moving also above or below 0, not only on 0.


If you mean waterfall chart, there isn't any "out of box" solution.


Still not clear what you want. If your concern is negative values then the standard chart can handle it without any hacking.


@hotNipi : Yes, that is what I mean

@Andrei: Thanks for your reply. I want for instance to display a bar between 7.5 and 15, and not between 0 and 7.5 (on the y-axis). Al the Y values in a bar chart are displayed filled until 0.
I am looking for a node-red solution to display a chart with "flying bricks", as in the link posted by @hotNipi.