Basics: Reading Documentation - Message structure

i need some really fundamental help with the documentation.

I want to use the ws2801 but I'm not able to read the syntax properly.
Corresponds my self generated message with the demand for the ws2801 node?

Bildschirmfoto 2021-01-20 um 12.28.49


Or is the structure of the message meant in some other way, like payload under topic??! Is the array right in that way?

Sadly i don't know where to search for my failure: Hardware or software. So a short answer would catapult me forward.


Your message structure looks correct in your example.
the node is 3 years old and last comment in the github issue was december 2019.
there is some talk on this forum here

There have been some issues with this node so you might want to look at the GitHub Issues for it.

I did see few of these comments. But I thought it could work
So it looks like bigger construction area..

Do anyone have some other way to talk to ws2801 with raspberry an homebridge? At least Node-Red would be nice.

Thanks for your quick response!

i can never recall - are they the same as neopixels ? node-red-node-pi-neopixel ?

The node itself is broken and although I supplied a PR to fix it, the author has never incorporated into their node

Might be worth removing the original node and see if you can install direct from my fork
So uninstall the node using the Manage Palette option
Then get into a terminal on your pi, move into your .node-red folder and run this

npm install

Once you've done that, try it out and come back if it still doesn't seem to work for you

(I haven't used it on an new pi in a long time so it might not work)

don‘t think so. 2801 is talking over SPI.

need some time for that.