Batch actions (like node group disable or regex search+replace) possible?


I was retiring some nodes (that may be of use somehow later on) to a "reserve" flow and wished to disable each node. With all nodes selected I tried to right click both with and without the shift key in case there is a way. I also read Selection : Node-RED but no joy.

However I solved my problem by simply disabling the flow having thought "you can disable a node, so why not a flow"? Very logical. Kudos to the developers :wink:

But, it might be still useful to do a single action (e.g. regex search and replace of data) on multiple nodes selected as a group. Is this possible? Is it worth a feature request if not?

This crops up fairly regularly. It isn't as simple as it sounds since disabling nodes has other impacts that must be dealt with.

Of course, if you were to code something that took those things into account and submit a PR, I expect that everyone would be delighted! :wink:

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