Change shared node properties


I was wondering whether there is a way to change the properties of multiple nodes simultaneously. For example the "Activate/Deactivate" property or the "ui_grp" property of dashboard nodes.

Currently one has to pick every node one by one and set the property, which becomes cumbersome, when the number of nodes is rising.

Thanks in advance.

You can (apparently) disable nodes which are in a group:

Edit - Though I don't know how to get the "Action List". For me CTRL SHIFT p when I'm in NR editor opens a new browser window.
I changed the keyboard shortcut. My word, what a long List it is, and in a small not resizeable popup too!
I see that some Actions in the List have keyboard shortcuts. Is it possible to assign a shortcut to En/Disable Selected Nodes?

You can also access the action list via the menu


You can start typing part of the name to filter the action list

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You can assign shortcuts to any action in the list.

Main Menu->Settings->Keyboard


Thanks a lot regarding the Enabling/Disabling of multiple nodes.

Is there something regarding the second example? Maybe a bit sneaky, but I was hoping to also get a solution for my other question .

Yes, best config change I've made to Node-RED :slight_smile:

I use alt-d to disable and alt-e to enable.

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