Disable ALL nodes in a Group


what would be cool is when you've grouped a load of nodes is that you can just
disable the group and all the nodes inside then get disabled.

At the moment via the INFO side bar, you can expand the Group and then go down each
node inside one at a time.

So maybe a disable/enable option at the top?


  • Select nodes to disable
  • press CTRL+SHIFT+P
  • type disable


odd but that keyboard combo does nothing for me...

also doesnt really answer my question.. as i could just do that anyway via the Info pain by going down each node and click the little circle icon.. so dont need to do the keyboard shortcut by then

what version of node-red are you using?

Also, do you have this menu item? (action list)...


hi.. v1.2.7 and yes Action List is there.

Yes, it would make sense to be able to easily perform certain actions to all nodes in a group.

The plan was always to add the ability to enable/disable groups eventually - just wasn't deemed necessary for the first version of the feature.

I've added an item to the backlog so it doesn't get forgotten - Trello

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No it doesn't answer your question but it saves you doing then one at a time.

Did you try the action list? Does it show? Are you able to disable multiple selected nodes in one hit?

Hi Steve...

yes if i go via the Action centre then yes i can do what you said.. that is useful to know
if the node are not yet been group in some way :slight_smile:

Nick.. yes that would be cool to enable/disable group..

didnt realise it was on a todo list. so figured it would hopefully be a nice suggestion.

I was trying to debug a set of nodes i had grouped so it was getting fun enable/disable over and over :slight_smile:

If you use the action list, it does disable the items in a group...

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nice one.. yep that works .. thanks.

Just raised a pull-request that adds the enable/disable button next to group nodes in the Info sidebar outliner.

Details here:

nice one.. thanks Nick :slight_smile:

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