Beginnen Nerds help

I have node red already installed (on windows) but every time i am closing it it is deleating everything and i am not Able to open the server with my Mobile Phone

Welcome to the forums @Marv

Can you elaborate a little?
What do you mean by deleting everything?

if you mean, your flows are disappearing, it sounds like you are not deploying your changes.

Again, can you detail what is happening?
are you sure it's not related?

I am from Germany and there are Not many good videos for node red-that is why i have no idea but I try to explain- I have installed it - opend-added some flows-closed it and after reopening the flow wasnt there anymore so would be nice if someone could help me atleast for the beginning- or has some good youtube links in english

As @marcus-j-davies asked, did you press the "Deploy" button after adding a flow?

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When making changes - you need to deploy, to "activate" / "lock" your changes in

Screenshot 2023-10-26 at 17.10.26

Here is a playlist for Node RED to get started with.

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Thank you very much i got it😂
But why am I still not Able to open the link with my Mobile Phone?

What error / page are you getting on your Mobile?

and importantly what address?

Also is the phone on the same local network as the PC running node-red?

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Yes both of them are in the same network and safari shows me- Page couldnt be opend because there was no conection to the Server

What is the URL you are using?

it should be http://{IPAddress-Of-Machine}:1880/ui

Also check your firewall on the machine that Node RED is running on

So i tiped in this Ip with :1880/ui and still the Same answer is for the local machine (that Node RED is running on)
But to access it from other devices, you need to use the LAN IP address of the machine.

Looking at that, I can see it's OSX.
So go to System Settings -> Network and you will see an IP address that can be used by others that need to connect.

Screenshot 2023-10-26 at 17.35.28

Perfect thanks

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Hopefully it will Work now

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