Best guess attempt at loading missing nodes

Has anyone had a go at writing a script to automate installing missing nodes for an imported flow

I've just been importing a big flow with lots of missing nodes and it was a right pain in the fingers to go thru installing them one by one on my laptop with just a trackpad mouse :frowning:

I'm thinking that if all I'm doing is searching for the name highlighted in the missing node and then installing it then that's a job for a computer program :slight_smile:

I realise that an automatic one would/could get a few wrong but I'd be happy for it to have the first stab

You could try scraping results from the flow inspector : Library - Node-RED

Sorry - let me be more explicit

Has anyone had a go :slight_smile:

This wasn't aimed at you devs because I'm sure you've got something on your roadmap - this is in case someone has knocked something up for their own use

Simon, not sure if you clicked that link (since its title looks like its just a link to the flows library) but it is something different (just checking)

And no, I've not seen any attempts to automate it sorry.

That said, you could copy the module names and build an NPM command from the inspectors results (by hand) but at least they would all install in one go?

PS, happy cake day :birthday::cake:

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