How to autoinstall external nodes when importing flows

Hi everyone,

Lately I need to import different flows to my Node-RED, with nodes that are not installed by default, and I was wondering if there is a parameter in the configuration or a way to auto-install them automatically.
I have also gone to the settings file, I have uncommented the three autoinstall parameters in the externalModules field, but I see that the external nodes are not installed automatically when imported.

I would appreciate your help. Thank you in advance!


If not automatic, it would be nice to know somehow which modules need to be installed that contain the imported nodes.

Are you cloning a working system? If so then if you copy package.json across to the new machine and go into the .node-red directory and run
npm install
it will install the nodes.
Otherwise the answer is no. The flows file does not contain details of which packages are installed. I believe that this is on the list of things that could be improved when time allows.

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