Import flow via npm

I am quite new to Node-RED and have a question regarding the whole architecture of my project:

Since our flows are quite complex, we want to create them and make them importable via npm-install. This means:
After typing eg " npm install git://" i would like to have the complete flow and all of its dependencies and configurations available in Node-RED GUI.

Is this possible? And if yes, is there some chapter in the doc?

Thank you very much!

Read up on projects mode. Enabling Projects - Node-RED AI Photo Booth Workshop

While project mode will do some of this, it does not natively do it all I don't believe - since any installed dependencies (nodes) still need to be installed in the master.

It IS possible to do this with a standard install but it takes some tweaking of your package.json file and needs a customised .gitignore file. You will, I think, need a post-install script.

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