[Beta testing] A mobile app for Node-RED Dashboard and Admin

Please enter URL in browser to check if it run and return data to debug node. And do you create node by tool?

I do not turn off alert error of location for this release so we could know exactly what happened


If I post that url in a browser, I get Cannot GET /admin/location

There is no output showing from the debug node.

Because the pop up is almost constantly present, it's difficult to do anything with the app!

Do you use middle ware for frontend authentication instead of default basic auth as guide here.

From your info, url doesnot run on browser, that mean app cannot run your URL to send data, not app error

@linhtranvu - In fact I can see an issue here because the url is silmilar to https://mydomain.co.uk:2086/admin/location?lat=50.4728888&lon=-3.0567459

My node-RED settings.js has;

httpAdminRoot: '/admin', meaning my admin page is accessed at https://mydomain.co.uk:2086/admin

and ui: { path: "/" }, meaning that my dashboard is accessed at https://mydomain.co.uk:2086

So the endpoint /location is never going to be accessible by using the path https://mydomain.co.uk:2086/admin
and needs to be https://mydomain.co.uk:2086 instead, which then returns;


I assume that this could be causing the issue, because the app is not constructing the correct url to access the endpoint??

I got your issues. I thoght endpoint always the same level of url folder as admin. My mistake, will release a patch

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Is a specific minimum Android version required BTW? I tried to install on my tablet running 5.0.2 and got an immediate "Unable to parse" error when the app installer was about to start.

You need from 7.0 or best from 8.0. Current API need higher version. Moreover, google is making rule that new app must use new API to be published

Oh that sucks for me then as this tablet cannot be upgraded past 6 or 7 even by rooting but its still perfectly fine for most everything I need.

Somehow I had understood what they require is to use the new SDK's but you could still target an older version(?) But maybe this applies to existing apps only... And anyhow if you're using the new API's then naturally you cannot support older devices.

Personally, I would use a mobile version of NR as just that - something to run on my mobile devices to provide a local, low-code platform.

If I want to write a cross-platform UI, I would us uibuilder which can easily be configured to run as an offline capable front-end app. Which would provide some access to native mobile features but then isn't really low-code.

So a version of Node-RED that I could run either on iOS or Android (I use both platforms) with some access to the mobile device (location, sensors, camera, etc) & the ability to run Dashboard and uibuilder would be amazing

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I recheck sdk document, It should support. From error do you have a previous version installed, Please remove it before instal new one

@TotallyInformation I d like to support UI builder in future release

I didn't have it installed. I tried downloading it again in case it was corrupted but this is what I get:

But no worries, I can live without. :slightly_smiling_face: as it's an old tablet. I might try later with, my phone but I rarely use it for NR as it's just too small for dragging wires.

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I make some progress in editor and have agreement from @dceejay to customize Dashboard to fit the need of editor.

Because Editor is growing, I will try to finish this project with push support for custom server (mean you setup you own push server instead using mine). That secures your data and give you max flexibility

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Have you resolved this issue yet @linhtranvu