Big Timer UI slider switch to control Modbus Write

Trying to use Big Timer Node to run an input of a ui_switch that then write to a Mobus Output node to control an Adam device. Likely to need a node between the two that will change the output of Big Timer to what the ui_switch needs to see. Please post any ideas or wait until I have the right to upload program.

flows (1).json (5.8 KB)

Is this the way people wish to see what I am attempting?


Big timer already allows you to set the topic and payload that it sends.

The author of Bigtimer (Peter Scargill) does not visit here very often - and has stated on his blog that he will support his nodes through the blog rather than github/forums etc.

If you do need to CHANGE some output to something different - then the Change node is your friend


Please see screenshot. Big Timers shows ON but the switch Nodes show no status or off.

Not married to Big Timer. Looked like it had what we need however it does not appear to function as expected. For Dusk to Dawn we should be able to set Latitude and Longitude for the clock to work.

Is there another Time function anyone can suggest.

Looks like Change Node worked by changing number 1 to true and number 0 for false. In many programming environment this is a given without a change. Thanks

I'm not sure what the problem is ?

As I mentioned already you can set your topic and payload, also Latitude and Longitude in the configuration of the node.

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