BigTimer alternative for sunrise > sunset

I've used BigTimer for many years and it it very good, except I find that the sunrise / sunset times are a bit off (yes I have inputted location coordinates). I find I'm always having to adjust offsets.

Are there any other good alternatives anyone can recommend?


Here you go:


Thank you!

I should have said I am using BigTimer to control a gate node at sunset/sunrise. Would cron-plus be suitable do you think?

More than capable of doing what you want.

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I have it installed on my test system, will read some more, thanks!

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Don't be put off by the options it offers, it can also just be a simple timer.
And the best bit is that the author is a member of the node-red team, so you will always get support here. Have fun!

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If you want something simpler than CRON+ but with good astro features, I also use node-red-contrib-sun-position

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