Bluetooth 3.0 connection to headset


I am developing a solution with node-red on a raspberry and I am testing the bluetooth connection to a headset, but I am unable to connect.

My idea is to use the headset in conjunction with TTS and STT APIs. Does anyone have any ideas?

My headset has bluetooth connection only, I can't use another headset model because of company rules.

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I don't know a lot about that. But is the headset paired with BT on the Pi?

Yes Julian, I wasn’t clear in my first question.

I need to pair the headset with the pi.

I don't know if/how you can do that from the command line sorry. I expect that you will have to investigate things like bluez.

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AFAICT Bluetooth audio is one of the biggest Pi minefields - I'd head over to the Raspberry Pi forums and ask over there


Thanks for the tips guys!!

I changed the way to connect my headset with the application. I don't use any more the raspberry or the Node-RED to connect with the headset. Now I use a smartphone to connect and catch the voice and send the information for my application.