Can anyone help with bluetooth?

hi all... im trying to connect a gimbal (Zhiyun Crane Plus) to node red via bluetooth...

I havent gotten very far at this point.. by default the gimbal isnt seen in RPi OS however i ran bluetoothctl and managed to get it paired via the command line.. ive then installed most of the node red bluetooth nodes and tried various things to get a some sort of response but had no luck so far... does anyone know what i need to do to establish a connection and start sending data ?

somebody else has already reverse engineered the commands for this particular gimbal. GitHub - frifox/zhiyun

so i assumed once a connection is made it should be possible to get it working but im not getting too far currently.. if anyone has any insight would appreciate the help..

Are you able to make it do anything via Bluetooth using a different app? Possibly one supplied by the manufacturer?

yes i can connect to the gimbal with the official app... ive also been able to get bluetooth snooping logs happening on the tablet.. when i move the joystick it logs the data and ive been able to view that in wireshark.. what im seeing in those logs seems to correlate with the commands the person on github discovered also..

so i feel like im in the ballpark but where i think im hitting problems is connecting in node red.. ive installed most of the bluetooth nodes but nothing i do seems to establish a connection or generate feedback.. i either get nothing or an error... any idea how i create a connection or where i might be going wrong ?

No, sorry.

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