Bluetooth VR Controller

What would be the best way to use a cheap $20 Evo VR bluetooth controller to work with node red. I would like have the buttons control some gpio output and the axis control some motors. I have installed noble and have tried a few flow but i am having no luck

Hi 2004sk4,
I am also 'playing' with bluetooth and BLE.
Found node-bluez (linux only) as an alternative to noble, but also check noble-device (wraps noble).
For my application, it's heating controllers, non-HID devices.

It probably heavily depends on your OS. On RPi, I got bad results until I upgraded to bluez 5.48 which has some GATT fixes, but the upgrade process was not without issue (instructions inform on the build and install process, but it did not install to the same place, so the old stack was still running; in the end I found a post which recommended just symlinking the bluetoothd process; not ideal; if only linux worked out of the box...).

IF you are on linux, then it's easier (and preferable) to access your device via 'input', as it will already be being read by the OS (which may be why you are having trouble) as a HID device. A few weeks back, I implemented a flow which did this for a VR controller and for a WiiMote with some success on an RpiZeroW. I'll need to power it on to retrieve the flow!

If you don't find what you need, ping me and I'll dig out what I did.