Books I may need to read?

Dreading what will come back..... But I have to ask.

I know I ask a lot of dumb questions, but....

As NR uses a lot of JavaScript, and my recent problems are with payloads sending fancy stuff to buttons, etc.....

I remember XML being mentioned.

Would it be good to get a book on XML?
XML for dummies as a name off the top of my head.

Kyle Simpson seems to have written some good JavaScript books.

Here is a video of him talking about the future of JavaScript and he mentions a number of books including his own series.

Personally, while I have a collection of reference books, mainly in ebook format, I never use them! The Mozilla Developer Network is the standard online reference guide for JavaScript. In addition, I make very heavy use of Internet searches whenever I'm doing something. I'm not a professional developer and so don't remember even a fraction of the stuff I need even for simple programmes these days so I'm always looking stuff up.

As for XML, unless you are making heavy use of it, I don't know as I'd bother. The principles are simple and very similar to HTML. Most people try to steer away from it now and prefer JSON over XML.

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Not to mention the copious amounts of vids available on everything IT related on Youtube.

Can I recommend Traversy Media on YT, he is an excellent teacher in many languages and has a great series on javascript.

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Maybe the youtube links shall suffice. Time will tell.

There is the other problem of memory corruption. So as much as it is good going in, it isn't always guaranteed coming out the same way. :sob:

Wow. That looks like fun.

Am (attempting) to process the first one now - well soon.

(Yeah, I'm getting O/T now, but...)

Is there a node.js beast for Ubuntu?

I just looked at/in the Ubuntu software thingy and entering node.js...... I didn't get anything I can see as being Node.js.

I'll shut up now and get back to watching the javascript clip.

There are loads of good online JavaScript courses as well.

You will need to install it manually.


Or use our install script as per our docs

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Yeah, but I am coming at this "blind". As I did with NR.

To help me with JS (or: JavaScript) it may help me to play with it in it's world rather than via NR. Dunno. Just thinking aloud.

So sorry, use our install script as per our docs is a bit ..... confusing.

I've done about 40 minutes of the Carsh course and my head is hurting with all the new names/terms.

It has been a long time since I did anything even vaguely like this.
My crash course with Arduino was painful at best.

This is a whole new level of complexity.

Watching it I get the jist of what is meant, but the terms/names (functions, prototypes, methods, and so on....)

Bakman2, thanks. I have Ubuntu 18.04 LTS I hope. That's what I installed. Dunno if it has updated itself to a newer version or not.

I'll look at the instructions link.

Seems I have it installed already.

Going to a CLI and typing:

me@me-desktop:~$ nodejs -v

Oh well. That is one thing I don't need to do.

I just need to have a play with it and see what I make of it.


I wonder what the Node bit of Node-RED could stand for????

OK - yes - If you did use our install script then it would install both node.js and Node-RED so you would have both... but hey - you have what you want for now so carry on.