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I'm sure this has been thrown up before, but I didn't see it:

Is it suggested to learn Javascript - or any other programming language - before trying to utilize Node Red? I have some experience with vendor proprietary language, but little else except for some C.

I'd try just using node-red and then maybe learn some nodejs as you go should you need to write function nodes.

Some tutorials I've found useful when starting out:

Being a "graphical programming environment" its a bit hard to describe using only text.
Another good set of tutorials, especially to help understand the "dashboard" is:

If you learn by watching videos this is a good place to start:

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Also the set of bite sized chunks done by Nick

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Agree with the others. However, I'd say that learning some HTML/JavaScript/CSS is never a bad thing if you can. It opens up all sorts of potential for making better use of your computer systems and data.

I'm not just talking about Node-RED here though that does, of course, give you a really good framework for prototyping and creating data manipulations. The ability to knock together a web app or a Node.js service is incredibly useful for many people.

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